I’m Brian. Though in many places I go by CypherPoet because… well… pseudonyms are sweet. (I blame GamerTags 😛.)

As an unabashed polyglot who’s played with everything from JavaScript and Python and Ruby to Java and C++ and Elixir, and as a long-time Web developer who’s always really wanted to move towards making native applications, Swift and the Apple ecosystem are two lovely compliments to each other that I've found... well... irresistible. With a shade of inevitable.

And you should too!

My goals with The Swiftness are many. And the their posts are anything but fixed.

There’s no shortage of outstanding Swift blogs (not to mention books, podcasts, videos, and more) out there in the wild. So I can’t promise to be “the best”. I can only promise you my best — as well as authenticity.

So initially, The Swiftness will largely be an extension of my journey into Swift and Apple-platforms development as I discover things for, often, the first time — but also bounce them off my broader experience as a software engineer and my love for code.

Eventually, though, I’d expect the content to become a bit more… well-rounded — never stopping the search for new discoveries, obviously, but able to speak from a more in-depth perspective: highlighting best practices; warning of various gotchas; sharing tidbits from projects; providing tips, tricks, and tutorials; walking through tools and libraries, and varying the pace between long- and short-form writing.

If things really take off… who knows. I’m open to more diverse forms of content creation — a newsletter, videos, a podcast, art (did I mention the goalposts weren’t very fixed? 🙂). We’ll see what happens.

Alas… baby steps. Above everything, my goal is to provide something valuable for the amazing community of humans who build amazing things with Swift. And so I’m just glad you’re here — it means a lot ♥️.

If you’d like to support The Swiftness in some way (in addition to sharing it everywhere), I might get a Patreon up at some point. But in the meantime, if you prefer using global, trustless, permissionless, censorship-resistant sound money, I also accept Satoshis at Tippin.me ⚡️.



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